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Agile Encore is an event bringing together Australian thinkers on leading technology teams, organisational culture and people, to share real, practical advice that can be implemented in any organisation.

Following the enormously successful Agile Australia 2014 Conference which saw 950 technologists gather to learn, share, and network; Agile Encore reprises the most well-received talks from the conference in one punchy afternoon! Catch up on sessions your colleagues raved about, or see all the best bits of Agile Australia in one stream, on one afternoon.

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  • Thursday 2 October 2014
  • 12.00noon - 5.30pm
  • Hilton Sydney, 488 George Street, Sydney
  • $200 (Incl. GST)

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    James Brett Photo
    James Brett


    James Brett Photo
    JAMES BRETT | Founder, Curiously

    James Brett has recently left the Head of Development role at NineMSN to form Curiously Pty Ltd a consulting company whose focus is on digital products, organisations and people. James has over 18 years in the technology industry as a digital strategist, leader, coach and developer. James brings together a unique blend of skills and experience from technology, coaching (and NLP), people development and organisational transformation. He (and his company) believe in passionate curiosity in everything they do.


    Lenka Bednarikova Photo
    Lenka Bednarikova

    Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    Lenka Bednarikova Photo
    LENKA BEDNARIKOVA | Scrum Master, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    Lenka Bednarikova is passionate about creating great teams. She believes a lot of it can be achieved by leveraging strategic Agile recruitment and building the right organisational culture that supports organisational strategic goals. Her experience spans across specialist IT agencies, regional companies, and multinational organisations such as Nokia and Microsoft where she helped transform recruitment processes to create the right environment for Agile and customer focus. Lenka is well versed in hands-on recruitment, Agile and traditional project management. She is a board member of the Institute of Recruiters and currently also enjoying herself as a Scrum Master at Commonwealth Bank of Australia.


    Lisa Frazier Photo
    Lisa Frazier

    Commonwealth Bank

    Lisa Frazier Photo
    LISA FRAZIER - Executive General Manager Digital Channels, Commonwealth Bank

    Lisa Frazier is the Executive General Manager, Digital Channels responsible for all aspects of the Commonwealth Bank’s direct to consumer digital platforms; commbank.com.au, netbank.com.au and MyWealth.com.au, mobile apps and social media platforms.

    Lisa joined the CBA in March 2012 after spending 15+ years in the US. She has extensive knowledge of the start-up and corporate world having arrived at CBA with business experience working for both multinationals and innovative start-up operations.

    Previously Lisa was founder, President and CEO of The Bay Citizen, a media and technology start-up in San Francisco and a Partner at McKinsey & Company in San Francisco and New York. At McKinsey, Lisa led the West Coast Media & Entertainment practice and advised and applied deep knowledge of growth strategies, marketing and operations for leading online, broadcast, newspaper and information companies. Other previous roles include sales and marketing and operations engineering in the petroleum industry.

    Lisa holds an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University Illinois and a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) from the University of Melbourne, Australia.


    Lachlan Heasman Photo
    Lachlan Heasman

    Agile Coach

    Lachlan Heasman Photo
    LACHLAN HEASMAN | Agile Coach

    Lachlan Heasman is an independent coach and trainer. He has wide experience and knowledge from working on several major and many small Agile change programs in Australia. He also has all the requisite certifications to boot. He has deep experience in all facets of Agile practice but in the interest of quality leaves the development work to people who do it well. Lachlan has a Masters in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney which gives him a unique (and often annoying) perspective on coaching, leadership and change in the Agile community (which he often shares without being asked). His industry experience includes retail and online banking, insurance, telecoms, media, retail, legal and government.


    Scott Kinder Photo
    Scott Kinder

    The Kinder Group

    Scott Kinder Photo
    SCOTT KINDER | Founder & CEO, The Kinder Group

    Scott Kinder is the founder and CEO of The Kinder Group. The Kinder Group is an international consultancy based in Sydney, Australia that specializes in Operational Intelligence and Executive Coaching.

    Scott has spent the last 13 years serving the United States military Special Operations community with combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. From 2008 through 2013 Scott served as the Special Activities Program Manager for the fledgling Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) and oversaw seven international programs of record. These global programs had budgets in the millions of dollars and oversaw the activities of hundreds of personnel.


    Sandy Mamoli Photo
    Sandy Mamoli


    Sandy Mamoli Photo
    SANDY MAMOLI | Co-founder, nomad8

    Living proof that love will make you do crazy things, Sandy Mamoli moved to NZ in 2007 to follow her heart and has been trapped in the wilds of Wellington ever since. From working with Sony Ericsson's global enterprise website in Amsterdam and Copenhagen to being one of NZ?s leading Agile coaches and Chair of Agile Welly (www.meetup.com/agilewelly), Sandy brings her practical European flair and passionate advocacy of all things Agile to NZ businesses. She?s a former Olympian, a geek, a gadget junkie and emerging triathlete. Sandy is one of the owners and co-founders of Nomad8 (www.nomad8.com). She knows quite a lot about Agile.


    Dipesh Pala Photo
    Dipesh Pala


    Dipesh Pala Photo
    DIPESH PALA | Agile Capability Lead, IBM

    Dipesh Pala is the Agile Capability Lead for IBM Australia and New Zealand. In addition to uplifting Agile competencies within IBM, Dipesh pursues his passion for enabling organisations of all sizes to optimise solution delivery through the pragmatic use of Agile, Lean and traditional methods. His diverse background includes delivery roles in software engineering, project and portfolio management, and Agile consulting across a variety of industries. Over the last decade, Dipesh has helped many leaders and teams as an on-the-ground Agile consultant and mentor. He has been instrumental in rolling out Agile methods in many organisations, and is currently coaching and mentoring aspiring Iteration Managers, Agile Project Managers and Team Leaders to become the Agile practitioners their teams need.

    In addition to being a frequent presenter at industry conferences and seminars, Dipesh is also a seasoned facilitator who is able to drive out the best outcomes from any project-based or strategy workshops.

    A keen advocate of simplicity, Dipesh offers simple, practical yet powerful ways to address the challenges team members and managers in Agile environments face today. He continuously pushes individuals and teams beyond the practices and principles to take a step further into the Agile journey.


    John Sullivan Photo
    John Sullivan


    John Sullivan Photo
    JOHN SULLIVAN | Product Delivery Manager, Business Division, MYOB

    John Sullivan is the Product Delivery manager for MYOB SME products and is responsible for the delivery teams that build, maintain and extend those products. Prior to this role, John was responsible for the establishment of the technical delivery group that built a new lean startup business for the Qantas/Jetstar group called "Hooroo". He has also led an agile transformation at Sensis, within the Online Directories and search division. In his previous role, John has also managed the professional services arm of ThoughtWorks Melbourne.



    12.00pm Registration and lunch
    12.30pm Four things we need to know about teams - Lachlan Heasman, Agile Coach
    What is the difference between 'groups' and 'teams'? What are the social motivational factors within teams, and how do you build on them? Great teams can drive performance and innovation, while poor teams create their own special kind of hell for their members and those they interact with. Get a non-linear view of team development, understand how to lead in the flat power structure of a modern team, learn about Poole's model of team development and the complexity leadership model.
    1.10pm Unleashing the full potential of your Agile teams - Dipesh Pala, Agile Capability Lead, IBM
    What could be more important for leaders than increasing their team's productivity? Conventional thinking says that motivation increases progress and therefore productivity; but there's an alternative view: Progress increases motivation, which increases productivity. Drawing upon more than a decade of research including 26 project teams, 7 companies and a deep analysis of nearly 12,000 daily diaries kept by team members, this session will use real case studies to identify Catalysts, Inhibitors, Nourishers, and Toxins for a team.
    1.50pm Agile meets Special Forces: Leadership that lives disruption - James Brett, Founder, Curiously; Scott Kinder, CEO, The Kinder Group
    What happens when an Agile guy with over 17 years of experience meets a US Special Forces guy with 13 years of operational experience? Great leaders (and teams) not only embrace disruption, but plan for it, live it and adapt to it. It's a mindset. It's a problem solving skill. Historically, the middle tiers of leadership have been ignored and they have become transformation impediments as a result. We call them the "Frozen Middle" and it's time to give them some Special Forces love and attention.
    2.30pm Afternoon Tea
    3.00pm Let the right one in - Lenka Bednarikova, Scrum Master, Commonwealth Bank
    How do you target and attract the right people to help your teams move from good to awesome? Even before you set off on the Agile journey, recruiting the right people will determine your success. It's important to recruit people with the potential to become positive disruption champions and great agilists. Bringing the right mindset into your team is more important than technical skills. See real life examples of traditional recruitment process failures that introduced the wrong talent, plus recommendations that ensure you open the door to your future Agile stars. You'll also learn the cultural changes that graduate recruitment will bring to your organisation.
    3.40pm Portfolio Kanban: Seeing the bigger picture - Sandy Mamoli, Founder, nomad8
    Doing too many things at once can slow an entire organisation down. Every successful organisation will have more great ideas than they have capacity to build, and it is tempting to start too many of them at the same time. However, too many projects in progress will slow down delivery of each and every one of them. This is exactly what happened to us at Trade Me, New Zealand's biggest eCommerce platform.

    Using the example of Trade Me, a 300 person company, I demonstrate the practical application of Portfolio Kanban. I show how we managed to reduce our work in progress by blocking projects; work on the important rather than urgent stuff through visualisation and shared prioritisation; and explore how Trade Me are using Portfolio Kanban to direct the organisation’s Agile teams. I describe the challenges we faced when trying to convince people that this was a good idea in the first place, why we should adhere to WIP limits and that the fastest way to reduce work in progress was to block ongoing projects.
    4.20pm Guerilla re-transformation - John Sullivan, Product Delivery Manager, Business Division, MYOB
    A year ago MYOB’s position was under serious threat: its main product was desktop-based, market perception was that it was unstable and slow, and product releases were extremely difficult and error prone. Meanwhile, MYOB's competitors were out in market with web- and cloud-based products that they were able to release and improve at will, and were starting to win a large portion of the market share. MYOB had already transformed into an Agile delivery centre, but that transformation had not resulted in significant delivery and business success.

    When your company is facing these types of issues, normal Agile transformation and enablement processes won't work. They take too long and there's no guarantee of market results.

    Roll-forward a year and MYOB has the fastest accounting software in market. It releases quality software on a regular basis, its products are cloud and mobile centric, it regularly releases new products, and its teams use agile and lean processes to deliver against an aggressive multi-pronged product road map. To get this type of transformation in a short period of time you need to work on the systems around the team. MYOB used non-standard Coaching/Enablement practices known as a "Guerrilla ReTransformation" to re-enable their practices, systems, teams and architecture. Learn from MYOB's experience as they share five approaches to rapidly re-transforming a team.
    5.00pm James Brett interviews Lisa Frazier - Lisa Frazier, Executive General Manager Digital Channels, Commonwealth Bank
    Followed by drinks and networking

    *This program is subject to change


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